An Ending?

I am starting to think there is an end to all of my ideas!


After a few months with having anything and everything come out of my head, I am finally starting to see things fall into place.

Yesterday I made decisions with the guys who are fixing the last few things in my house that I can’t do on my own. It feels good to have a date set for when everything will be done and Alicia and I can move back home. We will still be doing a bit of the work by ourselves, like painting. But firstly, the entire house needs to be washed down on the outside. After that all of the wall inside needs to be painting, plus the door and window frames. All thats left now is picking the color. So at the end of August, we will, again, be driving all of our things through Kamala. Amanda and Jack will be moving to their new house in the beginning of August already. To make things easier on Jack, their move will be happening in small doses, so Jack has time to adjust.

This is how my house looks like right now!

This is how my house looks like right now!

A new name for the new blog has now surfaced and I am really liking it. The next step now is to get everything on the internet ready. I will probably go crazy from it, but I will not give in! Some exciting news is that Alicia has proven to have a little business brain herself! Last Friday she got a little gift from me from the market, which turned out to be a super hit! She got Rainbow Loom and all of the accessories. She has since then been creating bracelets. She looks up new ideas and techniques on the internet that she later sits and works on all day.  Today she wanted help to open her own FaceBook Page for her bracelets, namely Quasi Storm. Now we will watch it go into action. First we just have to go for another visit at the hospital tomorrow. Cross your finger that everything is better with her sinuses – they have been playing tricks for far too long now.

My bracelets from Quasi Storm.

My bracelets from Quasi Storm.

My mom follows us around with everything we do, and I feel bad for making her prance around hardware stores. After the hospital tomorrow we are making a trip to Central Festival and on Friday we have a trip to Jungceylon planned, so now she is getting the opportunity to go shopping.

In just about a week we will have reached Alicia’s big day! She is turning 13 and will become a teenager legally. She has waited for this day for so long. Andrea is coming home from Hua Hin that weekend so there will be a BBQ party at home that Saturday with good friends.


Andrea’s Hua Hin.

Hi everyone!

This is Andrea writing. As some of you may know, I moved to Hua Hin about two weeks ago. I thought I would give you all a recap of what’s happened. 


I left Phuket at 7:30 am on Sunday the 6th of July, and headed towards unknown territory, Hua Hin, for a job I had gotten a few days earlier. All I knew was that I would be working as a Swedish translator for a Scandinavia company.
I got to Hua Hin at around 5 pm and Normann, the Norwegian guy I had spoken to picked me up at the bus stop. We took a cab to the house I would be calling home. The first person I met was Alex, a Danish guy who also works for the company, and who is one of the few people I live with at the moment. He helped me get my suitcase inside and showed me to my room. Next I met Nancy, a Thai girl who is together with one of my co-workers. She speaks very good English and has a very western way of thinking.
After I had put my suitcase in my room and been introduced to Nancy, Alex took me on his bike to “Squealing Pig”, the “Sports Club” to my co-workers. Alex, Nancy, Normann and I sat down and waited for the rest of the group to arrive.
After about an hour or so, Katrina, a Norwegian girl and her half-Thai-half-Welsh boyfriend Jamie came to join us. We sat there for a couple of hours talking and getting to know eachother and having dinner. I had been really nervous on the bus ride worrying about whether or not my co-workers would be nice. I’ll say one thing: the were awesome. I had been there less than twelve hours and I had already been “accepted” into the family.
After dinner we went home and I called my mom to check in on Amanda who had been admitted to the hospital that very day with Dengue Fever, and to update my mom on how everything was going. I fell asleep as soon as my head touched the pillow that night. I was exhausted. 


The next day was my first day at work. I got up early and got ready. I was really nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. When I got to work, Alex showed me what I would be doing and teaching me the basics. I was relieved when I realized how easy the job was. But – I was barley going to translate anything. Now, I will do my best and to explain what I have been doing for the past two weeks;
I work for Outsource Nordic, a Danish owned company. The owners of Outsource Nordic also own Lux-Case where they sell phone covers and accessories. Outsource Nordic do a bunch of stuff for that company. They also work with Netpris, another Danish company that import products cheaply from Germany to Denmark and sell them cheaper in Denmark, such as alcohol, skin care products, candy etc. Then there is Sjoppi, a Swedish company (I don’t really know what this company does exactly but I think it has something to do with health and exercising and beauty). The company is also currently working out an agreement with the American company Elite IVF, where they help people with difficulties getting pregnant. The company I work for are trying to work something out with them and we might be translating their entire website later on.
Anyhow, for Lux-Case we write model descriptions and category descriptions and SEO texts. Basically whatever your read on there about the products in Swedish, either I or the guy I took over from wrote.
For Netpris we were just doing newsletters every  Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Every week we basically have to come up with new ideas for newsletters, like if there is a special day or the other week we did one for the FIFA final etc. and we have to advertise the products they sell in these newsletters. In the beginning of this week though, they sent us all of their products and we have to translate the descriptions from Danish to Swedish.
And finally, for Sjoppi, once a week, usually on Wednesday, we schedule social media posts for their facebook, twitter and google+ accounts for the upcoming week.
As may have noticed, it is pretty easy work. I love it. 


We start work at 9 am and we have lunch between 1 pm and 2 pm and we get off at 6 pm. On Fridays we get off an hour earlier though, and instead of sitting in the office, we go to “Squealing Pig” for drinks which the company pays for, and “bond”.

The house I live in is pretty cozy. Four bedrooms, kitchen, livingroom, and two bathrooms. The room I first had when I got here was the worst one in the house, the bed was shit and it was tiny. My back was in so much pain the first week. But now I have moved to one of the bigger ones (Nancy’s old room) because Nancy and her boyfriend moved to another house earlier this week. 


Oh, I forgot to say! On my second day I got to meet Toni, the Finish guy, and his Thai girlfriend Nut. They had gone for a little vacation when I got here so I didn’t meet them right away.
And earlier this week Olle, the Swedish guy and also Nancy’s boyfriend and also the guy I took over from came back from Sweden. He hasn’t gotten fired or anything, they just moved him to a different “part” of the company and he was back in Sweden learning about his new job. 

I really like it here. Everyone is so nice and friendly. I haven’t seen much of Hua Hin due to work, and I would love to see more during the weekends since I don’t work, but I am currently waiting for Katrina (who left to go back to Norway for three weeks two days ago) to come back.
One thing that I LOVE about Hua Hin though is that there are HORSES walking down the street. Well, being ridden down the street. My second day at work, we were out having lunch, and BOOM! out of nowhere this guy comes riding on his horse! WOW! Apparently its normal here and there are even signs on the side of the road that are yellow and have a horse on them!
Hua Hin is much bigger than I thought. I thought it was going to be small, and easy to find my way around in, but it is MASSIVE! Apparently it takes about 30-45 minutes to drive through the entire city! From the way it looks, it looks more like a tinier version of Phuket Town, if that is of any help?
And there is a train track that goes through Hua Hin, and you cross it at least once a day if you are going somewhere, and every now and again the bars will come down because the train is approaching. Its pretty cool to be honest. 


I guess that about sums it up… There really isn’t much to tell… This is basically the jist of what has happened and what it is like up here. 

I really do love it though. Its relaxing. And I feel at home. I am happy here. I miss my family every now and again though, but luckily, it is much closer than it was when I was in Australia, and I can easily go home over the weekends, which I shall be doing in about two weeks for both Alicia’s birthday and also because my beloved grandmother is here. I guess I will write another post then and tell you about my trip home unless anything SUPER exciting happens before then and I need to update you guys!

Ciao for now!  

Wonderful place!

Kamala Bay - view from my room.

Kamala Bay – view from my room.

As delightful as it is to get away, just as great is it to come home again. 


It took Amanda a week to get back on her feet after the dengue fever. On Friday, her platelets down to 59,000 (normally they gonna be over 150,000) and it felt like there would be no end, but when we went back on Sunday, they were up to 135,000! What a huge relief it was to see that it started to turn. Not only that, we got good news about Amanda’s recovery, we even got an unexpected visit from our good friend Mr.S! We are all so very happy to see Mr.S. Thank you for the surprise!

Monday came and it was time for me to go away for a few nights by myself. Just to be Maria. It was with mixed feelings I went, since Alicia had not been tip-top recently. Amanda promised that she would take good care of her and if it would be something urgent she would call. At lunch, I took my bags and headed to my little hideaway. I did not have to go far, had booked a room at Cape Sienna in Kamala here. A little off, but still in Kamala. The weather was not the best, but I was not there to swim or tan. I can do that everyday at home. I was here to just be. Got an absolutely wonderful place with a really nice view of Kamala Beach. I have enjoyed just being Maria, tasted wonderfully good food (Thai food, Western food, bbq and Italian food) and also got to enjoy the wonderful sunset. Thank you to all the staff at Cape Sienna for a pleasant attitude. Special thanks to Khun Yut at the reception, wonderful person. 

CIMG3646 CIMG3647 CIMG3649 CIMG3650 CIMG3653

Yesterday, Wednesday, it was time to check out and go home. This was what Amanda and Alicia thought I did. Well, I checked out, however I did not go straight home, I drove up to the airport to pick up my dear mother who landed in the morning. The girls have thought that grandma would come in next week, so it was with a big smile on their faces. Wow, what a surprise it was for them! It took a little while before they realized that grandma really stood in front of them! We surprised Andrea over the phones during her lunch. Can say that the people around her wondered what happened! It’s so nice to have mom here again. We all missed her very much and now we enjoy her company for a month! 


Yesterday Alicia became a little bit worse and we decided to go and visit Dr. Pisit directly on Thursday morning. He recommended us to go to the hospital and take X-rays. So, it became a trip to Phuket International Hospital. After x-rays and some chatter with The doctor, it emerged that Alicia has an infection of the sinuses and there was a large amount of medicine. Now we hope that it will turn around and she’ll feel better soon. She is becoming a teenager in just two weeks!! 


During my little vacation, I took the decision to start renovating my old house, so I hired the guys who are going to help me with that. So at the end of August, it should be finished and Alicia and I are moving back. Amanda and Jack found a very nice little house that they will begin to move into now. I feel ready to move back home!