Wroom wroom..

Early appointment with mine dreadful dentist today. Last day! Then no more!! Didn’t die today either, so I’m happy that I pulled it through! Amanda did also had an appointment, meaning I had to wait for my turn. That was okay! Now I’m prepared for anything.

Got back home, and went straight to bed and sleeped for a few hours. I was totally out! Only excitement that happened today was driving my cool motorbike! Wroom wroom… I like my motorbike! 

Used my e-cigarette, had coke flavor today! Not bad. Smoked less cigarettes then I usually do. Here it is. 

Jack came by to put some Angry Birds plaster on me and Alicia. He thought we needed them on our wounds. Doesn’t them make you happy? Love you Jacko!!

I’m still tired, so early bed and read my book so I can get up tomorrow, feeling that I have a lot more power than today.

One step in a time.



Ups and downs…

No, no, no and no, I haven’t forgot! I was actually out last night!! Yes, you did read those words, “I was out last night.” Got back home around 2 am and ended up talking to 4 am! 

Let’s start from the beginning! 

My dreadful alarm woke me up at 6 am to pick up Jack. Hopefully yesterday morning was the last one! Jack felt back to sleep right away, I didn’t. All I could think of was my “sweet” dentist appointment that was coming up! I did go and I survived also! Still, I hate going to the dentist. She did my right side, and tomorrow, Thursday, is time for my left side. Hopefully I will sleep tonight. 

After my “fight” with the dentist, we took our friend down to the beach. What a nice afternoon we had! I felt asleep to the sound of the waves. We got to see a beautiful sunset! 

Had dinner at Pond’s and during the dinner, we decided to checkout the beach clubs. Home to get dressed for “party”. 

First stop was Surin Beach. We walked around and ended up at Bimi’s for a drink. Champagne for my friend and a alcohol free drink for me. 

Drove down to see if Bliss was open, and that had already closed up for the night. Drove back to Kamala and ended up at Kamala Beergarden. Stayed until closing time before we went back home. Sat outside and talked for a few more hours. I really needed that! Just to sit with a friend, who knows you well enough to make you feel important. Thanks for that!!

Sleept late this morning! Holy s..t! We had a date with Mr K at 11 am, to go to Jungceylon! Sad Goodbye to our friend, who was leaving us for a few days, to go on to a detox program. Gonna miss my sweet friend! A lot! Off we went with Mr K. He showed us to the shop to buy electric cigarette. Yes, I’m a smoker. Yes, I want to try to cut down. Thank you Mr K for the help!

Me and the girls stayed for lunch.

At that moment we called and sang “Happy Birthday” to Andrea! Can you imagine that 20 years ago I gave birth to this beautiful girl!?

Happy birthday sweetie!! Love you!

The rest of our day I spent home in my bed, doing nothing more than charge my e-cigarette and start to try it out. Not to bad to smoke citrus and knowing that I don’t get any unhealthy. Highly recommend it!




Monday ramble

Yes, it’s Monday again. With that comes all things that’s needed to be fixed for the week. 

6 am, Jack came to sleep for a few more hours before getting up for school. He’s crawl back in bed, holds my hand and goes back to sleep without any fuss. Mommy came back and to bring him to school, his new school. His school has moved to a new house during the weekend. 

I went to fix stuff, passports updates and bank things. Got home and Mr K came by to pick up some paper and some chatting. Always nice to chat with him. Picked up Jack from school. He and Alicia went a swim in the pool. It’s so hot around here now, that not even the pool is cold.

Amanda stopped working early today, so we went to Popeyes for dinner. Didn’t now if we should wait or not on our friend, who was out driving around the island.  Good that we didn’t!

I also did something really important today. On my way back home, I stopped by the dentist to do a check up and make an appointment for tomorrow. Those of you who knows me really good, knows that I hate the dentist. Yes, hate. Not the person it self but the whole thing with the things that they are in my mouth and the sound from the drill. But I’m going tomorrow anyways. Wish me good luck! I’m gonna need it! 

Bedtime early again! Jack is coming in the morning. Thinks this is the last day of early mornings.

See ya!



Weekend filled with surprises.

Both this week and weekend has been filled with so many surprises and things to do, that it right now feels like I need some holiday! And all the things I plan to do has gone up in smoke.

Saturday morning I woke up before Jack. A quiet moment for myself was nice. Then we waited for Amanda to wake up and come. We had breakfast together before Alicia and I took the motorbike to Central for our planned shopping at H&M. All went well on our ride to Central. Some stupid drivers was out on the road, but overall it went okay.

We did what we plan to do and drove back home. When we came home we where so tired that we just wanted to lay down in bed for a while. We had planned to go to dinner with a Jack and Amanda, and after that to Pii Four’s birthday party. Nothing of that happened! 

Got a phone call from a friend, who was on the way to Phuket to see us. Then calls 40 minutes later to say that it’s been a car accident. Got dressed to go and help out. Everything was okay, or not top okay, but the personal injuries was down to some scratches. But the car was in bad shape! We didn’t needed to go, just wait for them to come to Phuket. 

Little bit chocked we waited, trying to keep Jack happy. So he decorates mommy with sunglasses!

Isn’t she beautiful? There was also a lot of action in the sales office next to our house. Police, volunteers and a few others. Big argument about safety in our village.

Little before midnight they finally arrives! Both looking a lot better than expected! Thank god! Or more, Thanks David! They literally had a guardian angel with them! What could had happened, scares me to death!

It became a long night with a dear friend. So glad that there isn’t any more damage then it is.

Had a soft Sunday with breakfast at the beach, dip in the pool and talking about life. Dinner was set to be at La Carbonara. And I remembered to take pics of the food this time!!

I’m off to bed early tonight. Jack is coming at 6 am tomorrow morning!! 

Hugs to you all!



The market.

At 5 am Amanda comes and picks on me. It was time for me to move from one bed to another. And for her to go to work. Can also inform you that she’s still working at 11 pm, and has a few more hours to go! 

I took Jack to school and went straight back home to back my bag and get ready for a day out with Alicia. 

We got picked up by Nong Boo and taken to the opposite side of Phuket. When get out of the bus, we see our sweet friends! So happy to see them. And that we got to have the whole day together! And it was not even planned!

We where extras in a TV show. Meet some of the crew from the movie. Fun to see them again! We acted as tourists in a market. The view that we had was so beautiful!

when got back home, it was quick to get our helmets and drive to Bang Tao to pick up Jack. It was a sad Jack, we picked up. But when we sat down at the restaurant we understood why. After 5 minutes he was asleep. 

Eat and the drive back to Kamala and put him to bed. He was so tired. And so am I!  Going to bed next to my little prince! Night night everyone!



Back and forward.

At 5 am this morning my phone rang. It was Amanda. A friend of her was supposed to come and be with Jack in the morning, and take him to school. Unfortunately her boyfriend had an accident, bad but not to bad. So at 5.40 am, Jack comes and sleeps for few more hours. 

Love you Pii Four and Pii Gop!!

Left Jack at school and went back home to get ready for a long day. Alicia and I started our day with breakfast at the beach. 

Not so many people down there right now. Got to see our dear friend Pond too. Love talking to her.

After breakfast we made a pit stop at the bank before we drive with motorbike to Patong and Jungceylon.

Meet up with Pii Four, so I could sign some paper for her and Pii Gop.  Alicia and I did our thing and then hit right back home for a few hours.

Went to pick up Jack from school and drove to Bang Tao, where mommy was. Amanda was working and we pay her a visit and swam in the pool. 

Main reason why we went there, was that we wanted to see an old “school family”. The sweetest family ever! I’m so happy to see the again! And I forgot to take a picture! Big hugs Mira, Saga, Ulrika and Kjell! 

When Amanda stopped work we drove back to Kamala and Popeyes for dinner. Mmmm… Missed the food! 

Amanda start early tomorrow again, so they’re sleeping in our house tonight. Then only Amanda needs to get up early. 

Alicia and I had plans to go to Central with Mr K and Nam. That got changed! We’re going to a movie set. That means I need my beauty sleep!! So I’m gonna snooze next to Alicia now!!

God natt!



Some days…

Really, some days are better then other days! Today was one of those days!

Didn’t go out on a walk this morning. Plane simple exercise at home was all. But I still feel it in my muscles.
Did some sunbathing with Alicia by the pool, before we started with work and studies. Got a call from Andrea. A happy Andrea! And after that, our day just kept going in a happy mood.

In the afternoon I picked Jack up from school. Playing in the pool, and some help to cook our dinner, with Jack. That melts a grandmothers heart. Ops, I sounds so old! Correction: A mommo’s heart! Sounded better!

Talked to my mom, both today and yesterday. God, I miss her! Hugs and kisses mommy!

In all this happiness, I forgot to take any pics of my day! Sorry! Share some old pics instead! Now I need my beauty sleep! It’s gonna be two crazy and fun days coming up!




Good night!