Day 4, part 1 and 2…

Yesterday it was time again to start our day early. The sun shine on us all and we had a great time, all dressed up. Aren’t we looking nice?
Music, beautiful flowers and nice people wasn’t a bad start of the day!


Me, Alicia and Aina went for a nice lunch at Boat Laguna before it was time for part 2 of our day. Beach day! Beautiful Layan Beach was our next stop.


At the end of the day the sky started to be more and more grey, and a few rain drops fell on us before we where done for the day.
While we where out on the roads, we decided to stop at Rico’s for dinner. I had Plankstek! So good! So after another great day, we where all pretty tired and went home and set our steps to our beds! Slept like princess all night!
Woke up early this sunny Saturday and went out on an early morning walk around the village. Need to do that more often. Afternoon I spent with Jack on the beach. He’s a joy to see playing around in the sand.
This evening I been trying to catch up on all the webinars I missed during the week. Yepp, they are needed! So much good content to take in that my head is spinning like crazy right now. Think it’s time for some movies.

See you later!!
// Maria

Day 3…

Pip, pip, pip….
5 am and dark outside. Time to crawl out of my warm cozy bed. One foot out… Brrr, it’s so cold! Just want to crawl back in bed. Heck no! It’s was time for a new day of excitement. We all gathered at my house. Squeezed us all in my car and hits the early roads of Phuket.

Here you can see The Dream Team!
Got to witness dust, fire, hot hot hot, more dust and flags. Another fun day.

// Maria.

Angry bird!?

Tonight I’m so freaking angry! When somebody is hitting on my girls, then they are really up for a big fight with me! Especially when it comes to bad behavior or judgment. But I got it all out and I’m feeling a lot better now. No more angry bird!

Alicia meet up with Catherine today to study some grammar and poetry. The smile on both of them, was such a joy to see. We all love Catherine so much!!
Alicia also got a test back and there was a lot of top scores in that one! Way to go Alicia! Good job!

What happen more? Not much. Early bedtime tonight again. Tomorrow is Day 3!

Leaving you with a picture of Jeffee and JJ, sharing food…
// Maria


Day 2…

Day 2 started at 5 am this morning. I hate early morning when it’s still dark outside and cold!

After driving up to the north parts of Phuket we where quickly put in action all morning, up to lunch time. Off and on, this way and then this way… At least we had a lot of fun all day.

Got home a lot earlier then we thought. Pumped out, but happy, we relaxed a little bit before we went down to Pond’s for meeting up with Catherine.
We came down to this view:

After 5 minutes we had this:

Ended up having a great dinner with Catherine any ways!

Now it is time to sleep!
Good night!
// Maria

Surprise visit!

Yesterday was a day with cleaning and fixing for the up coming week, like cutting grass, swim in the pool, cleaning the house and having my handyman putting new floor in the toilette at Pensionat Mormor.
And of course a visit from Jack and Amanda.

Today was a surprise day!!
First we sad Good Morning to this little dude!

And then someone stand outside of our gate shouting “Maria!”. It was our sweet lovely Catherine!! God what I missed her! She’s gonna be in Thailand a few years this time so it’s gonna be a lot easier to see and talk to her. Dinner is planned tomorrow to catch up more.
I know she is reading this, so I want to wish her a BIG BIG Happy Birthday! (It’s her birthday, today.)

Getting in bed early tonight, because tomorrow is Day 2 and we are getting up at 5 am…. Wish me luck on that one! I hate early mornings!!!


Day 1.

Day 1 of something fun with my girls and friends! Can’t tell you what we are up to, but it’s gonna be a few long days!!
Today was practice day and we all did good and had fun. But we all have something in our head that’s not gonna stop.

After only four hours of sleep and no nap, I’m in bed and feel really pumped out! Good night to you all and stay tuned for day 2!

// Maria

It’s back!!

After a week with heavy raining and wind, it was so nice to wake up this morning to a bright sunny day! It’s not that I don’t like when it’s raining, because I do, but you get so tired of those grey days.


Tuesday night was the first if 15 nights of webinars. Yes, nights! It starts at 2 am and stop at 5 am. So I been taking naps in the afternoons. Having my last one for this week tonight. Learning by the pro’s in social media!

Just feels sad for Alicia to have a mom that takes naps! But she’s been a super trooper supporter to me and I love her for that!