Closer to the end…

When we left the house tonight, I finally saw an end of all the problems that’s been happening.


I forgot to take some pics before we left, but can show you Alicia’s room which is almost done! Just need some cleaning up.
Both Alicia and Amanda has been such super painters today! Alicia almost painted her room all by herself!

I can give you some good news! Amanda and Jack moved in to their new house today!!


My morning view from our bungalow. Feels like we are on holiday every morning.

Will try to remember to take pictures tomorrow for you all.
Hopefully Alicia and I will wake up in our new house on Friday morning!!!!

// Maria


So for another few days, me and Alicia will be homeless. All because of one idiot guy that makes up a really fancy story, just to get away from my anger for him not doing his job.

Yesterday we moved out of the house we been renting. Can tell you that my moving guys are super heroes! They packed up our stuff in the smallest space without any questions.

Today I cleared with one new guy to finish my house. He really understood my frustration and disappointment for everything. Glad his on board to finish it up!




So for another few nights, me and Alicia will be staying at Coconut Garden.
// Maria

Energy boosting day.

After yesterday’s craziness, we decided just to take it slow today. I don’t know if it was a slow day, but we enjoyed every bit of it!

Op is going back home for a few weeks to do his driving license for motorbike, again. Why not do for car at the same time? So he asked me if we could practice little bit. So out on the roads in Kamala for practice. Driving on the roads went really well, so we went to the coconut park to practice parking. After a few try’s, he nailed it. All sort of parking!

While we where already having driving lessons, I put Amanda behind the wheels too. She did an amazing job! And tonight after dinner it was Alicia’s turn. No no, not driving the car, but practice driving motorbike. She was so careful. Good job, girl!

Alicia got to buy her new bike today, for her own money that she has saved just for this. She was so happy and was angry that the rain kept pouring down. Finally the rain stopped and she went out riding her new bike!

And Jack got to play in his muddle puddle!


Today our sweet dear friend Miss J came back from Sweden! Welcome home Miss J! You’ve been missed!

It was Miss J’s boyfriend Alek that helped us out yesterday with our house. He was checking up on me, so I wasn’t paying anything. But guess what! Today, all of a sudden, there was 6 people working in my house!!!!

// Maria

Who’s lying?

Today wasn’t the best day to give me bad news.

Got up at 6.30 am for a meeting. That was a good meeting so my day started out pretty good. Good things kept coming. Amanda find a house, so she’s moving in on Friday. We got the pool all blue again and also cleaned around it.

Got really really cleaned doors too! How in hell can everything in this country get so dirty? Got only the windows left to clean now, then we are good to go on painting.

Here’s the catch, nothing is done in my house! No floor what so ever. I’m moving in a few days!!!!

Big boss came by and he looked really angry when he saw my house. Not on me, but on his staff. To make a long story short. Their dead line was Sunday, I gave them some extra days to finish up. The guy who should be in charge, is gone. No where to be find. With the money. He also told his boss that we was leaving Thailand for 2 months, so they had lots of time to finishing up the job.

At this moment I started to get angry and on top of that I was tired from this early morning meeting. Amanda called in Alek to help out. Thank god for that! He told them, that they already had broke our contract, so if they want to see the last payment, they needed to step it up big time by now.

They got until Saturday to finish everything up! Otherwise no more money from me. Jesus, help me! The only guy who has been there working today, did finish my new “door”.

This will be a long, long story….

// Maria

Tables and rain.

We started our day in bright sunlight on our way to Index Living Mall to see if we could find us a new kitchen table. Found the IT table! I want!!! What do you think? Should I go for it?

Also find a new bed for Alicia and one for me. But I’m still thinking if I want a bed or not. Find new chairs for my fancy kitchen table and really cozy outdoor set. Felt good to find all the new furnisher we need so we have less things to think about.

Needed to stop by Home Pro too, so we parked at Central Festival and walk over to buy some small things for the new bathrooms.
Of cause we treated ourselves with a lunch at Sizzles.


When you’re at Central it’s a most to do, to go and check around at HM. Just loving to have it do close!
Ended our stay at Central with a dessert at Urban Food and to discuss what we have more to do this week.

Right when we left Urban Food, the rain started. And it poured down like crazy all the way to Kamala. Driving through Patong wasn’t a hit! Thank god we came through it in one piece.



After a long day we went down to the beach for dinner with Pappa and was enjoying a beautiful sunset.




// Maria

Will it be?

Weekend it’s over and a new week is in front of us all. Hope you all had a fab weekend! Mine was mixed with a lot if rain and some sunshine.

Yesterday we decided to have breakfast on the beach. Before we sat down I did the biggest social media hit, the ice bucket challenge for the cause of ALS For those of you that has been in Thailand during Songkran now that getting ice water throwing at you is so freaking horrible. And I really hate it! But for the good thing, I did it. Brrr….
You can see my video here Milkyway23.

After breakfast we went to our old house to see if anything is processing. Also to start cleaning all the walls before we paint. Got little upset when I got there. For a whole week they haven’t done anything!! But there is a lady staying in our extra house and I ask her when they will start work again. “Later on this week.” Okey, I’m moving next weekend and after that I don’t have anywhere to stay. She call her boss and he says in 10 days it will be finished. No no no! I’m moving next weekend!! Got really angry and she call her boss again. Okey, in 7 days. Fine, but on Friday all my stuff is coming and we will be there painting. So let’s see how this will end!

Went back to the house today to continue cleaning all the walls and guess what!? There was three guys, doing my bathrooms! So why didn’t they do that last week?


Thank god that Chai, who’s gonna fix my pool came by and started to do his job! So glad that someone is doing his job.
I usually don’t like to hang over people’s shoulders when they are working for me. I trust that they know how to there jobs, but this week I’m gonna be like an leech on them!!

Ended up on the beach with Pappa for some lunch. So our days wasn’t to bad in the end.


// Maria

Multitask day

I can do more then one thing… I’m starting to believe in my self!

Laundry – checked.
Repainting some of my old furnish – checked.
Order a clean up on my pool (it has a lot of green stuff in it) – checked.
Find outside furnish – checked.
Find the right paint for our walls and outside of the house – checked.
Fourth time to the airport – checked.
Dinner in the sunset – checked.
Played a lot with Jack – checked.
Talked to my mom – checked.



Not finished my day yet, waiting for a night-meeting (at 2 am!!) and an update from Andreas first day at work.

Can also tell you. on our way to the airport the rain was pouring down like crazy and the speed on the highway wasn’t over 60km/h!!

// Maria