It’s time…

Just had a week off, doing nothing. 

Not quite doing nothing, actually. Alicia has got all her in logging emails for a High School. So Thursday was a big day, first classes started. And a lot of new things to learn about the school set ups. Evening will be on the internet this year. No text books at all. Live classes will also be on her schedule. So we will probably need to change our daily routines after those. They are 12 hours behind us, so it will be more like night classes for Alicia. 

 It’s time to get down to business this week! Time to start working with the school start up. No turning back now! We got a lot to do if we gonna open up in the end of October. But I think we can do it! And it’s gonna so much fun!!!  

 Was cooking pasta for dinner tonight. Guess what!? No gas! Thank god that we have a rice cooker!  

 Worked great to cook pasta in! 

Now I’m taking my filled crazy head and laying down to watch some new series. Good night!



Our trip!

We are back home after our trip to New York, Chicago and Bangkok! It’s been a week filled with a lot of new impressions. 

We started with over 24 hours of traveling before our first stop in New York. We slept through all our flights, which was really good. Did also sleep all night in New York. Starting our first day in New York with some sightseeing through the city. Beautiful city with all the high buildings. 

 Our second day we played tourists and went to Ripleys Believe It or Not, Madame Tussaud’s and ate at Planet Hollywood before it was time to go to the airport and catch our next flight to Chicago. 

 First day in Chicago and a delicious breakfast! 

 After this yummy breakfast we paid a visit to the Apple Store. My iPhone has been acting weird and the best place to get it fixed was just around the corner. Can tell you that those stores knows how to take care of their customers! What a service! 

We had decided to walk to Navy Pier and I can say that it was so beautiful when we came down to Lake Michigan. Oh my god! And the view over Chicago from Navy Pier was stunning! 


Then we walk by the Chicago River on our way back to downtown. 

Strolling around  the park to see The Bean.  

Friday was shopping day! Victoria’s Secrets, Sephora, HM, Forever 21 and more. Back to the hotel, and drop some bags before we went out for dinner. Later that night it was time to pack our bags… 

 Saturday was our last day. Checked out from the hotel and went walking around the city. Found a book store. Guess who was happy!? Alicia! Me too! On our way back to the hotel we walk through some nice neighborhoods. 

 Started our traveling back to Bangkok. Guess what!? We slept through this trip too! Landed in Bangkok on Monday morning. Checked in at our hotel and waited for Amanda and Andrea to come. It had finally came to Maroon 5 – day! And it was an amazing concert!  

Everyone was happy and fell asleep right away when we got back to the hotel. Up early to catch Alicia’s and mines last flight for this time. So nice to be back home!! Missed this little guy! 

 So what did we think of New York and Chicago? New York wasn’t for us at all. To much people. Chicago? That is a city I highly recommend you to visit if you got the chance. More relaxed and so much beautiful then New York. Wasn’t five days to short? No. We got plenty of time to do everything we wanted to do. Thanks to our ability to sleep on all the flights, we don’t have any problem with jet lag. 

See you!




This and that.

Almost the end another week and it’s been a week with both ups and downs. 

Beginning of the week was a few days with troubling sleeping and feelings running in all different directions. It’s been two years since my world changed. I’m still standing up and I just hopes that it will be easier for every year, even if I don’t think that it will. 

We all have been looking forward to today. Today is the day when our sweet friend Khun Pond opens up her restaurant again for the season. We missed her, her family and all her wounderful staff. They have become to be like a second family, so when they are closed we misses them a lot. 

 We had dinner there tonight with our good old friend Miss J, her mom and stepdad. Delicious food, great company and beautiful sunset. And I forgot to take pics of everything! When we arrived at Pond, I saw a old friend that I haven’t seen in years. Great to see that he’s still running wild!

Now it is just three more days before Alicia and I are leaving for our well wanted holiday to New York, Chicago, Bangkok and Maroon 5. It’s gonna be so much fun to see something new. 

 The rain is pouring down again. With that also the tempetures are falling. Slippers and long warm pajamas is on. Cozing down in my bed with a good book will be a good idea!

Good night!



A new start.

Händelser - 03215

As some of you know, and some of you don’t, I opened a Swedish school here on Phuket back in 2005. That is one of the things I’ve been doing during my years here in Thailand. I closed the school last year. For good. Or so I thought…..

For you who know me well, know that I have many ideas running around my head. Always coming up with new ideas, both good and bad. Some of them I bury right there and then, some I put some more thought into and try them out, and some I fully complete and give them my all. Maybe I’ve become a little “smarter” over the years and don’t take them all to the fullest, just writing them down in my little ideas book where they will stay until I need them. Until now.

After I closed the school last year, I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to do in the future. I always want to learn new things and that is what I’ve been doing this past year. Studying as much as I can about social media marketing and all of the new and exciting beauty courses I applied to a couple of months ago. The same time I’m doing this, I’m also looking for ideas on what I can do online, at home, on my computer. That list is becoming very loooong! Even though the list is very long, I still haven’t found the idea that makes me go “That is what I want to do!”.

Until a couple of weeks ago, when I one day sat and started thinking about an old idea I had discussed with a very good friend of mine a couple of years earlier. I started gathering information about it from all different sources. Boom! There it was! The idea that I’ve been waiting for! I am now so very excited about the new/old idea. I can’t reveal too much right now, but I can reveal a small part of it. It will have something to do with my old school! Yes, you read that right. Haven Academy is coming back to life! New, fresh, and a whole different approach. Under the preparation you will be able to follow our journey on our Facebook page. Click here to follow our journey!

Händelser - 01059

Now I have a very full and stressful week ahead of me to get things rolling before Alicia and I go on Alicia’s very well deserved “summer holiday” trip. Friday last week, she completed her last test for Grade 8. This past weekend Alicia did her test for High School, that she will start when we come back from our trip. 


As I mentioned above, next week we are off to New York for a few days and then a few days in Chicago before we head back to Bangkok, where we will meet up with Amanda and Andrea to go to the Maroon 5 concert! We won’t be away for long, but we will cherish every minute of our time away. I will now try to refresh before a couple of rough weeks with getting everything ready for Haven Academy and Alicia ready for High School.

See ya!



Bringing it back to life!

Monday was shitty day. Didn’t sleep so much during the night. When I woke up I can say that my head didn’t work at all! And I mean it! If someone was talking to me, it took me ages to absorb it! It was a horrible feeling. Yesterday was a little bit better, but not at the top. Today has been a lot better day! Thank god!  

 Got so much I want to do before my trip, and it feels like there will not be enough days to do everything. Well, I might just starting to realize that we are actually leaving soon.  

 11 days, and counting……

Alicia is finishing up her last school work for this school year. Just a few things left to do. Yesterday she finished up science and reading. We are now also waiting for answers from Calvert, about high school. 

Today I did something big! I have decided to open up my old school, Haven Academy again! Yepp, you read right! Can’t tell you more than that right now. But it will be something new and I’m really looking forward to start working more it when I’m back from my holiday!  

 So with that, I’m wishing you all a great night!



Hate September!


Today is the last day in the month of August. Tomorrow, it’s September and my most hated months of the year. Why? Everything that happened in September 2013, makes me wish that this month has one day and then it is over.

Over the past weeks there have been a couple of long nights with no sleep or very little sleep. The closer D-day we coming the worse it seems to become. Last year we were thankfully busy making sure that our house would be ready for us to move in again. This year it’s just our everyday life rolling on. And thoughts.

Now  some of you is wondering what happened in September 2013. I wrote a guest blog post on David’s blog a few days after D-Day. It tells a little bit of what happened those days in September. (Click here if you want to read David’s blog, Ungmorfar.)

Hello everybody,

Today it is not David who writes instead it is his wife, Maria. Since David’s last post, a lot has happened and I will do my best to tell you. Unfortunately I do not have the same talent as David to write, but will do my best.

Sunday, September 8th we all wake to a regular quiet Sunday. David was a little hangover after his  usual pool comp Saturday night, with an honorable second place against Pom. Amanda and David had entered a pact to start walking again and they decided to take a walk before Jacks nap. Even Alicia followed. I fixed for the coming school week and Andrea were preparing to go to work.

After the walk David lay down and watch TV and just dull. Jack wakes up and Amanda takes Jack and Alicia on a trip to the beach. After a while, tired of watching TV David goes up and lays down in the bed with some music and a bit of card game on the phone. I get up and lay me down next to him, and we talk a little about everything. In the middle of a sentence David becomes completely numb. Afterwards, I know he went into cardiac arrest. But there was total chaos. Managed to call for Amanda, Roh and Brett. Upcoming hour and a half, was the worst hours of my life. David will never be at my side again. He will never make us laugh. There and then changed my and our children’s lives forever. Thankfully Mr. Stefan came that evening.

We took David to the temple on Monday. We had time to talk to him, say goodbye and make sure he came to rest.

Wednesday, 11 September, David was cremated in the temple with good friends around him. Later in the day we brought home David. He is now at home with us and we have been waiting for friends and family to have the time to come before we put David to his final rest in the sea on Wednesday.

My mother, David’s favorite mother-in-law, landed already on the 12th, on Tuesday Uncle Sam landed, Friday morning my dad and Monika came, last Saturday we picked up David’s dad with dog, yesterday came David’s older brother Robert and good friend Björn, today we are waiting for David’s younger sister with her husband and children, and on Wednesday there will be another good friend, Mr. Perre and Miss Isabelle coming.

I want to thank all of you who read David’s blog. You made him happy every time you read.

Thanks to all the wonderful friends we have around us from far and wide! Your warm greetings is warming to get, and to know that I am not alone.

I can never by any words, thank those who have been by our side since the first moment. Want anyway send them thank you for being there, Stefan, Brett, Francesco, Jenny, Valentina, Party, Alek, Nick, Lina, James Roh and Bang Dedt !!!

Never forget to tell those close to you that you love them, you may never get the chance to say it again!

❤️ Love you Amanda, Andrea, Alicia and Jack! ❤️

Hugs to you all! // Maria


My husband passed away in my arms. My children saw their father lifeless. How do you remove that image from the retina? Doesn’t work. It sits there forever. Maybe it will be weaker, but it will never disappear. The days in the temple we had the opportunity to “talk” with David. Mentally talk. It was something we all felt was right in a strange way. We had time to say goodbye and say everything we wanted to say. After that David came “home” to us. Also a strange feeling. But we could not do more, we needed to wait for our families and friends, from the other side of the earth to come. We waited for everyone who wanted to come to us and we had a nice ceremony on the beach along with a monk. Drove out with a jetski on the most craziest waves ever existed. Said a last goodbye before David came to his final rest in the ocean. Now everyone who wants to say hello to David, get out to the coast and dip your toes in the ocean and say “Hello”.


All this took place during the same month, extended over the entire month. David’s birthday is in September to, with more memories that will run through us.

Can’t say that I want to remember those days, I don’t want to be reminded of those days, just want to live today. Doing everything I can to have a “normal” day, but all the terrible memories that rushes through the whole body, makes it pretty hard. Just want a day with lovely memories of the wonderful husband David was.

With this post, I just want to say that September is a month with a thousand memories, memories that I do not want to remember. I miss David every day. Every day I open my eyes I miss him. But I live, David’s daughters lives, David’s grandchild lives. We must continue to live. If I seems cold and not show my regret at those terrible days in this month, it’s not that I do not miss David. It is because I do not want remember all the terrible things that happened. I want to live with all the lovely, crazy moments we had together. I want to wake up and feel that it is a good day, a good day to take new steps toward an uncertain future, but without my David.

As I so often emphasized in the past for everyone who read, do not forget to tell your loved ones you love them. You never know where tomorrow wears off and it may be too late.

Amanda, Andrea, Alicia, Jack, mom, dad, Monica and Mike, love you all to the bits and are so glad you are mine! Live life, my friends!

// Maria


To all of you who really likes to know everything and listening to all the talk, I would just say; I live, and live  under the circumstances a good life. I stand on my two feet every day and do the things I want to do. Do you want to something about us? Come and ask!


Heavy breathing 

It all started Thursday with Amanda come and says she has trouble breathing normally. Later that day I read in the news that we got haze over the island from the fires in Indonesia. And has been heavy to take a breath sometimes. It’s been a lot easier today, thank god! 

 Alicia finished up her essay needed to write for her enrollment to High School. She’s such a trooper! Some hard work this week and she will be finish with grade 8 too. Then we are just waiting for the test she’s gonna need to do for High School. Then she is going for a few weeks of holiday! 

Now is two weeks left, then Alicia and I will be on a plane on our way to New York!! We want to go now!! All our clothes is washed up ready to be packed in our bag. Planning for what we gonna do in New York and Chicago is done. So we are ready to go!

Today I also sent in my first set of test for a Unit A in Hair Styling. Now I’m just gonna wait for my grade. Checked out what’s up in Unit B. Holy shit! Curling hair in different ways and a little bit more. No rest here!

It’s been a pretty nice weekend. Except that I got really pissed off yesterday! Can’t tell you why, but I was boiling! Grrr …. People!!  

Thursday night we took our sweet friends, Pii Four and Pii Gop out on dinner. Jack and Gop had their own little private time. Those two are so fun to watch.