Nails, and more nails…

Got back home in Phuket Tuesday nights after two long long days with nails. It’s been two days with so much fun, that I would like to open up my nail salon again! But I’m being honest to myself to not go down that road again. 

Monday became a long day with building acrylic nails with a new method. Everyone who was in the workshop did an amazing job! Our “teacher” Paulina, did an amazing job showing everyone how to do it. Can tell you that the nails gonna look stunning! So I’m gonna start practicing on it! 


After this long day, I stopped at Terminal 21 to have some tacos for dinner. Then straight back to my hotel and in to bed!  

Tuesday morning I packed my bags and checked out of my hotel before the workshop started. Going straight to the airport after this. Tuesday’s workshop was about nail art designs. So much fun stuff you can do!  

Again everyone did some amazing things! At around four o’clock I started to say good bye to everyone. Heading home to my sweet girls and Jack. 

Sylvia and Poopey .


These girls was so fun to be around and selfies was a big thing!

Yesterday was a day of cleaning the house, laundry and cutting the grass. I’m happy to be home again.

This morning my sweet dear friend Catherine came to my house to do yoga with me. Can tell you that that felt so good to do!  

As you can see, this lady can bend herself like crazy! Let’s see if I can do that in a few months! 

Ended this day with a dinner with our sweet old friends who’s in Kamala for a few days. 

I’m going to bed! Which you all good evening, where ever you are!




I’m in Bangkok!!



This morning I left Phuket to fly to Bangkok. Had mixed emotions about leaving all by myself. Happy to go to Bangkok, but not happy to leave the girls and Jack. What if something happens? What if…? They only have me and that makes it a little bit strange. 

Now I know they had a great day without me, and that made me calm. Love you girls!!! 

 Checked in at my hotel before I went to Asian Paragon to pick up our Maroon 5 tickets! 

  Now we know that we ARE going!! Yiiipppiiii!!!

Stopped in the book store to find books about New York and Chicago. Did also buy a few other books! Hey, I’m in a big book store! Dropped in at Forever 21 and a few small things. Walked back to my hotel to leave my bags before I went for dinner, McDonalds. Yep, I ate it! Don’t quite like it but I hadn’t been eating since breakfast.

Then it was time for Sephora! Just loved to walk in there without nobody waiting for me. Same feeling at HM! 

In bed, and hoping I will sleep tonight. Really looking forward to see my friends tomorrow and of course getting back in my nails!

Good night from a rainy Bangkok!






Look who’s back home!!! Andrea!! She came with bus from Pattaya this morning. We are happy to have her with us again! Welcome home sweetie!

A BIG thank you to my mom! Her package came with the mail today, filled with treats to all of us. Love you mommy! 

A lot of magazines for me!!!! 




 And cars for Jack! 

What more happened today? Got a phone call from Honda shop that they needed one more copy of my work permit for my green book that you get when you buy a motorbike. They got that a few months ago, but I have no idea of what they been doing with that one! Lucky for them that my lawyer hadn’t left my work permit to the labor department yet! 

For dinner we had made a surprise for Andrea. She was think that we was just going for simple family dinner at Nang (Popeye). When we came there, Mr Jim, Miss Catherine, Mr Ken, Mrs Nam and children was there! Happy reunion with some good friends! 

        Thank you to you all for a lovely evening!

I’m going to bed with all my new magazines!! Gossip time!




Movie time!

In just a few days, Alicia and I have been at the cinema two times! I know that’s a lot for being me! Alicia wanted to see the new “Jurassic World” so we war during the weekend. Have to say, great movie! I’ve seen the others, but this was better. Then today I saw a that The Rock has a new movie, “San Andreas”. So we decided to go and see it. Also a great movie. 

 And then there’s a new movie coming out in Sweden July the 3rd that you have to go and see if you are in Sweden! “Prästen i paradiset”. I wish i was in Sweden at that time! Let me know what you think of it, if you go and see it.

Last week was devoted to sign papers for our visa and work permit that’s up for a renewal in the beginning of July. Always a lot of paper to sign!!! But now it’s done and we just have to sit and wait for everything to be ready.

On Sunday I’m going to Bangkok all by myself! Looking forward to that! It’s not only gonna be for pleasure, I’m going for a nail course for two days. So up on Sunday. Monday and Tuesday is the course, and then back on Tuesday night. Then in almost three weeks, Andrea and I are going for a work/holiday trip to an island outside of Phuket for a week. And my birthday is coming up! Shit! I’m get old again! 

Otherwise we have been working and studying almost every day. Yesterday, Alicia finished up her next set of tests and they are sent in for grading. Tomorrow we will have a surprise coming! Can’t tell you to much today, but it’s a lovely surprise!

 Jeffee kept me company by the pool today. 

Sleep tight!




Prince and Princess

My weekend was a quiet one with grey clouds and rain. Don’t feel sorry for me because of the rain! I’ve missed it and we need it! It’s still raining today. 

But the weekend back home in Sweden has been a roller coaster! Happiness and sorrow. 

Last week, a 17 years old girl went missing after work. Police, and a lot of other people was looking for her for days. Saturday morning I woke up to bad news. They have found her, not alive. Hate news like that! David, take care of her up there! R.I.P. ❤️

Saturday was also a huge day in our Royal Family. Our Prince Carl Philip finally got his princess!  


I followed the wedding live on the Internet and what a beautiful couple! Wish them all the happiness in the future!

Sunday morning, yet another bad news came! Our beloved Magnus Härenstam, an actor, had past away after a few years of sickness. He entertained me as a child with the best TV show “Fem myror är fler än fyra elefanter” (Five ants are more then four elephants). R.I.P.


I did just watch the royal wedding on Saturday! I was actually having a big baking day in my kitchen too. So much yummy stuff came out of my oven! 


And then it was Monday again and good news came! Princess Madeleine and Mr Chris welcomed their baby son today! Congratulations! 

Now I hope that this week will be without any roller coasters of emotions! The rain can keep coming, I don’t mind that. It’s nice to have it a little bit cooler for a few days. Only problem is that it is no use of doing any laundry! It will not get dry! Good that I have a big closet!

Hope that I won’t see Mr Scorpion tonight! One late night visit is enough! 

 Sweet dreams everyone!



Hard training 

Yes, I’m in for some hard training! Need to get fit! And get some tan. Took pictures today for that stand in job. In a bikini! Dear god! My legs are tan, up to where my shorts stops. Looked so funny.

Still doing my exercise that I’m been doing for 9 weeks now. I feel so much better now. Still got some problems with arms muscles, but I’m not giving up. By hard training, I mean that some days I do two workouts on one day, six days per week. So let’s pump those muscles!

Alicia was a hard working student today. Math was on the schedule and she hit it without any problems!  

    Do you understand any of her math? 

We had lunch down at the beach. Watching all the wedding couples take their wedding photos. Have to say that today they really stepped it up! 

Our yummy lunch!  


After the gym I went to market to buy some stuff to make Massam curry. It’s always so colorful in there. Back home to prepare the Massam for tomorrow’s dinner. Massam is best the day after. 

Cross your fingers now, that I will get the job!! Alicia and Andrea has also sent in pictures, so hope all three of us get it! Working holiday would be nice!



High grades 

This day has been like roller coaster! 

Started my day with a webinar from HubSpot and Guy Kawasaki. Great content to think about, or more great content to act from. 

After that I did some chasing around the village for water. We have these big, I think it’s around 30 liter, of drinking water. I not only have one to change, but eight. Found one shop that had it and could deliver them to my house. 120 bath ($3.55). Great water for a good price!

Amanda was kind to bring Alicia to her class with Cath, so I could get on my motorbike and pick up our insurance cards. Andrea needs hers for her visit at the hospital today. Yepp, cleaning her wounds every day. She also got her shoulder checked up. She woke up to pain. Shoulder is okay. Nothing broken!

Home and scan Andreas insurance card before I pick up Alicia at Cath house. Got a phone call from a friend that needed some help to find stand ins for a TV show. Also got asked if I wanted to be in. Got some job to do tomorrow! And I need to take pictures of myself in a bikini!!! Dear help me god! Well, we’ll see how this goes.

Alicia had her dinner-time with Jack and Amanda, so I did my daily exercise, and cleaned the house before I had dinner all by myself. Applied for Alicia’s and my entry to USA. We got them! So New York and Chicago, here we come!! While I was doing that, I got an email from Alicia’s teacher. She got her grades from her last test. All top score! Highest you can get in all subjects! Great job, Princess!! Alicia is a good student. She has set her goals to finish up 8th grade before we leave for New York in September. Then it’s time for high school for her! Times flies past to fast!! 

 Well, that was my day! How was yours?