Smoke is coming out of my head…

So god damn angry right now! On stupid people who think they can promise one thing and then pretend they never promised it! Idiots!

It’s been a pretty good day, until Andrea send me that message. The sun has been shining on us today. Jacks fever is gone. Went with Alicia to the gym. Got a lot of stuff done. And then boom!

I’m not angry on Andrea! More on some people around her. She took the job in Pattaya for a reason. And now they can’t hold up to their promises. Put she’s a girl with some hard skin on her nose, so she will figure something out. Just wait and see!

Now I got that out, and I feel a lot better already. Tomorrow it’s Friday and next week we are already in June! Where in the heck did May go?! Pond has closed her restaurant for the low season. Gonna miss them all! 

Wish you all a nice evening!




Welcome beautiful rain!

Can you imagine that rain can be beautiful!? After so many months without rain, or just s few drops dripping down, the rain has been welcomed with open arms from everyone. Our lakes is almost dried out, some people didn’t even had water, so this rain is well needed. 

While Alicia had a lesson with Cath in the rain, there was a Chinese wedding couple taking their wedding pictures on the beach.  



 All of a sudden they came up and asked if we could be in the pictures with them!? Sure why not!?  


I’m gonna be famous in China!!! Hahaha…. I just love these people! After that it was a day at home, listening to the rain and just be in the moment.

Love to you all!



Back on track

After a week in bed and no exercises, I’m back! Last week was a week to recover. Need that badly.

Friday we went for some Thai BBQ for dinner. We are early birds when it comes to dinner, so it was only us in the restaurant. And Jacks two friends was working, so he had a good time and didn’t wanna go home. Missed this food, so I ate a lot! 

        Saturday morning, me and Alicia went for a breakfast at Pond down by the beach. She’s closing up on Wednesday for the low season, so we better go every day! 


 After that we got ours new one year gym membership at Swiss Hotel. It’s gonna be difficult to go out for my walks when the rain season starts, and Alicia wants to start to exercise too. With this card, we can also use the pool and gets discounts in the restaurants at the hotel. So Sunday was spent by the hotel pool with Jack and Amanda. 

Then finally in the afternoon the rain started!! God I’ve missed it! With that also the electricity went for a few hours. Dinner with candles was up for me and the rest of Kamala! 

First day in the gym was today! Unfortunately was Jack sick, so Amanda and Alicia went first and I had some alone time with Jack before I went. 

 Sweet dreams everyone!!



Dinner in the sunset

I have been in bed for the last two days, totally drained by this fresking flu! Feel a lot better now, but still not 100% okay yet. 

Alicia had another private lesson with Catherine today. I opened my fashion stylist books after a few months of no studies at all. The history of fashion is really interesting, to see the all the different styles. This evening we had a dinner date in the sunset! Beautiful as always to watch. 

And me in my new clothes… 

 We had dinner with my “staff”. Just love these girls, and boy, so much!  Lots of memories! 

    We decided to have one soon again, and I’m all in for that! Some of the girls has worked with me in school for many years and they are now running their own kindergarten where Jack go. If you ever need a good kindergarten when you are in Kamala, I highly recommend theirs!

Early bedtime for me! Need to get back on my feet again!



God damn!

Just straight shit! Woke up with a sore throat this morning! And a running nose, think there’s some fever too. Don’t want to be sick now!!! 

Loaded up with Tiffy, the best cold medicine there is! Don’t want to think how I would have felt if I didn’t take them during the day. 


Took Alicia to see Catherine for some privy lessons in grammar and poetry. We sat down by the beach. Not a bad place to have lessons on! 

  I have loaded my computer with the finals of “The Voice” season 8 and “Dancing with the stars” season 20. Crossing my fingers that my favorites will win! Can’t see the final results until tomorrow unfortunately. 
Bed, Tiffy and a hot cup of tea, hoping I will feel better tomorrow!



Best place is home!

I love to go away and see new places and things, but it doesn’t bet coming home! 

Friday we all went to Bangkok for a few days in the big city. After we arrived we went to Siam Paragon to shop at HM and Sephora. Then we took the train to Terminal 21 for eating tacos for dinner.  

        Amanda and Jack went back to the hotel so Jack could get his beauty sleep. Alicia was also tired and stayed in the room. Andrea, Op and I went over to Central World to look around. We ended up at a tea house and some real English tea.  




 Then Op switched place with Amanda and we went to the hotel bar for a drink in the night. 


Saturday morning got to be a waiting for the clock to turn 10 am. They released tickets to Maroon 5 concert here in Bangkok. And we got the tickets!!!! 

Maroon 5, see you in September!!

Then it was time for shopping big time! Platinum Fashion Mall next. Seven stores high, filled with clothes, bags, shoes, makeup and all you can think off! Find a lot of nice things for my shop.  

 Needed a break, and had the best ice cream ever! 

Stopped by Central World to check out one more HM store before taco dinner again. One more night tea, this time Alicia came with us. 


Sunday at it was time to pack our bags and go home. Before we went to the airport, Alicia wanted to buy something at Platinum. So went back and I came back with more stuff!

Woke up this morning to rain! So nice to hear! After lunch, the sun was back, and the heat! There was some small things that I needed to fix so now that’s done. 

This trip made me realize that I really like my house and Kamala. Like to go away, but this where my heart is. So no matter what’s happening in the future, coming back here will always be on the list.

Stay strong!



Rainy day in Pattaya

Yesterday it rained all day. Nice! This will be short post.



After breakfast we went to see Andress apartment, and I forgot to take pictures!! Back to Central we had lunch: 


Jacks grandma, great grandma and great auntie came to see him. 


Time for dinner…  


Ripley’s Believe It or Not! and Louis Tussaud. 








 A drink before bed. 

Today we are going to Bangkok. 

See you all in Bangkok!