Dinner date

Did you all know what I been doing today? More then having a dinner date? I have been open up my books again!! Back to studying makeup artistry and fashion stylist. Now it’s no turning back again! There is one thing I would like to do, and to be able to do that I need to finishing up these two courses! So one thing at a time…

Today we got our dear old friend Jim over for dinner. I made lasagna, and it got improved by Jim! So glad to have him over for some chitchat. 

In a thinking mood again. Gosh, will it never end!? Or, maybe I should be thinking a lot? Just need someone to help me sort out the good things that comes out of my blonde head. Or maybe I should take one day at the beach?

Getting a shower before bedtime. It’s been hot again, and cooking food didn’t make it cooler.




Clothes and paint.

One more Sunday has past by, and in a few days we’re stepping in to the month of May. Four months of 2015 already!! 

Friday my first order arrived! Waiting for a few more, then I’m gonna start up my shop again. Here are some teaser…


Saturday morning my painter-guy started to paint my house. Soon we will have a new house!! 

This Saturday, it felt like my house was filled with a lot of people. My good friend and the best handyman on the island came by to fix my shower and help me to finally get some paintings up on the walls.  


First one is our To-Do-Board. We are so busy that we need one! Or not. We liked it and we bought it.

Second one is my lovely painting of Bamse that my brother has paint. Love it!!

Third one, is Alicia’s new painting that she bought to put up in her room. Looks amazing over her bed!

Sunday morning Jacks new bed arrived! Get tell you that he was one happy boy!

What more happened this weekend? We ate some Italian food, bet on some horses (V75), and tried to get some rest for the week that’s coming. 

It’s still hot like hell, and no rain. Surprised? No! At least our nights are starting to be a little bit cooler. Thank god! We got two weeks left before we are going on our trip to Pattaya and Bangkok. I want to go now!! Have a few things that I want to find, and we are gonna see Andrea!! 

Be better, Be you!



Drip, drip, boom

They have promised rain for days now, and nothing. Finally, today, it came! After this heat that’s been hanging over us, I was happy to see the dark clouds in the afternoon. Not only rain came! Thunderstorms for a few hours. It is a little bit cold now. I’m gonna sleep like a princess tonight!


After my morning walk, I cut the grass. Haven’t done that in weeks! Also got our pool-guys in the house to fix the pool.

 So my day went outside of my to-do-list. What a shocker!? Does my days ever go as I planned? Nope! 

Gonna go to bed and hope that tomorrow will be a better day…



And the winner is…


Had a night out with Ken and Nam at Sports Club. Haven’t been down there since Brett sold the bar. Ken played pool as usual. Ken and David often played pool together, so he’s pretty good. Asked if I could play against him, and I actually win!! Both times!! Abd he didn’t play nice, it was just using my skills from all the times I been watching David play.


Earlier in the day, me, Alicia and Amanda, went to Phuket Town. Picked up my blue book for my car. It’s now totally mine!! 

Next stop was Index to buy some small stuff and a late birthday gift to Jack, a new bed.

It’s from Moffa, Monica and me. The bed arrives on Sunday. We also got time to stop at Big C. Had lunch at MK’s and an ice cream at KFC, before we went back home.

Alicia and I have finally decided what color we want the house to painted in. Now they can start painting the house!! Will keep you updated on that!

Tonight I’m tired. Had a ruff night, last night. So hopping for a better on tonight.




Fungal season


In just a few hours, these small white hats “Misters” are popping up in our garden. Maybe I should make a soup out of them!? Have no idea what kind it is, and I’m not gonna try them out either! JJ, who eats everything she can, don’t even go near them, so either am I.

First day of studies in a long time, started today. Going back to my makeup and fashion studies. Gosh, it’s been way to long since last time, and I feel really guilty about it. Time to set some routines again! 

Tomorrow  I need to go to Phuket Town to get my blue book for my car, and running some errands at the same time, so there goes my routine for the day! Welcome to Thailand! Things never turns out the way you think they will!! 

Got some good news to share!! Our sweet lovely Catherine is coming back to Kamala in a few weeks!! Been knowing this for a while, but sometimes things changes. She’s gonna rent Amanda’s old house. If we can get some internet connection to it. Alicia is gonna have some study lessons with her, and I’m gonna see if she can learn me some yoga! Or, I know she can learn me that, it’s more if I can get my mind to it this time.




Humidity madness 

I can only call it madness! We got around 32-34 degrees in the days, but it feels more like 40! And the humidity is up at 72-80 % every day. That’s madness! Don’t even thinking about taking a shower to cool off, you never get dry again!! I’m sitting outside right now. Is 7.30 pm and I’m sweating, sitting still!!

Alicia started her day with remodeling her room. She’s been talking about for weeks, and today me and Amanda helped her moving furnitures. It’s looking really good.

Had lunch at the beach, trying to get some air. Didn’t work! It’s really quite down there now. Season is over for this time. Soon all the restaurants and shops will be closing down to. 


I got some laundry done and fixed some small stuff so I can get started with my studies again. And getting my websites and blogs ready. 

I’m off sweating a bit more! Have a nice day/evening!




One more weekend is over… Why does the “good” days always go so fast?  We been having both blue sky and grey rainy clouds. Still really hot and humid, but at least there has been some rain coming down.

Last week we arranged our next trip! Yep, we are going away again! In the middle of May we will first fly up to Bangkok, take a bus to Pattaya to see Andrea, stay there for a few nights, bus to Bangkok and stay there for a few nights before we will go back home. It’s not only gonna be me and Alicia, Amanda, Jack and Op will go to, and when we are leaving Pattaya, Andrea will go with us. I want to go now!!! 

And today I found out that Maroon 5 will be taking their V Tour to Asia and Bangkok in September!! Guess who’s going!!? 

The weekend has been filled with cleaning and remodeling the house. I needed to do that! Today it felt so good that I finally fixed some small stuff and also got all my makeup out from my bags. I’m gonna need them a lot, and now it’s a lot easier to see what I have.


Got my beautiful elephant up, that I bought at HM Home in Sweden. Bye bye washing machine.



Looking a lot better with baskets under the sink.



After 11 years without a whole body mirror, it’s finally one standing in our walk-in-closet! And it hides all of our jewelrys….





 New place for the makeup. 




 Got to much jewelrys! But I also likes to show them.



 Just have to show of my scull towers!! I’m so in love with them. Bought at HM Home in Sweden.

Finally, today, all our pictures are in our Google Drive!! It took some time to synchronize them, but now it’s done. Tomorrow we are moving our dear old Mac computer to Amanda. It’s time for “him” to start a new life. 


 I’m still hanging in with my exercise challenge. Only thing is that I have decided to stop learning how to run for a few weeks. My other workout is challenging me to max. So I will hang that part of my challenge in my closet for a while, and get back to it later. Feeling a bit sad, but my health is more important. I’m still exercising 6 days per week, no excuse there!! Have to say that I’m feeling a lot more happier and having a lot more power to do more then before. Maybe I should write some exercise journal?