Angels do exists!

I’m so happy that I was able to stay awake for SFMs webinar last night! Next platform to learn is YouTube! First thing first! Fix my website! And that I did today, or at least to some point after getting angry on the whole thing. Don’t understand all these amazing people that just fix website in no pain at all! Now I just have to figure out how you get the click-link to just that picture!? Any one??

I did go to bed after that webinar that ended around 4.30 am, and did get up again at 7.30 am for feeding JJ and next webinar. Haven’t felt sleepy at all during the day, thank god!
Had lunch with Kaj, Synne, Aina, Lisbet, Lasse, Gill and Kennet at Nang’s place, Popeye 2. Delicious as usually!

This afternoon we where invited to see, or buy, Indahjalpen beautiful guardian angels. They are handmade and are for found raising to help children in Thailand. Go in and read!! And buy an angel! I bought two angels, a bracelet and lip balm.




Now it’s time for bed. Gonna sleep like an angel tonight!

Angels are with us!


No no no…. I’m not heading to Bangla Road! It’s time for my nightly webinar meetings again. Meaning I’m up all night, all by myself and trying to keep myself awake… So far I’m still awake, so for the 2 am webinar with Heyo is okey. Then I will see if the 3 am with SFM will still be okey. After that I don’t know yet if I should go to bed or not!? Having one more webinar at 8 am, but I need to make sure that JJ gets food, medicine and a walk before that one. So, maybe I go to bed after that. Well we will see how this night ends!

Otherwise has the day been sunny, hot and just great. Got a lot of “most do” things done. Been having two sleeping dogs all day.


JJ still needs to just take it easy. And keeping her in the string is the only way. Jeffee got to follow me out on my morning walk, so he passed out after that.

Oh, almost forgot that we got a visit from Mr Snake this morning!! It’s so lovely when he comes by. Our NOT!! Long stick and aiming for the head, and the it’s bye bye Mr Snake. Sorry all animal lovers, but the only way to get them out of my garden is to hit them in the head.

Lucky for me that Amanda was in the house, so I didn’t needed to do it by myself. She had one in her back yard the other day, so she was already in the hitting mood.

Time to take my lemon juice and chili-chocolate and stay awake! Bye!

Sweet dreams!


It’s a beautiful day.

Monday and a fresh start of a new week with a lot of great new energy. Can it be any better!?

Today was a big day for JJ. She was schedule to be in for her operation this morning. We do not want any babies so it was time for that surgery! Jeffee was not so happy to see us take her away, but I think he liked the peace and quiet that came with it. Later on, we got the called that JJ was awake and doing fine, and that we could come and pick her up. She was still little drossy but fine. Almost fell asleep in the car back home.


Dinner was planned for the evening with Aina, and at one of our favorite places, Thai BBQ! If you plan to eat here, do not take a shower before you eat, take it after! You’ll smell like you been standing in a kitchen for a week, frying hamburgers! But it’s so good…


Not only did all this happen today! I finally got my butt out of the sofa and started on my site for SFM!!!! Got a bit angry a few times, but it finally started to form to be something. Tomorrow I’m hitting on the next target, or at least I hope I will.

This feeling of getting some things in order, is a nice feeling. Think I’m going to make things like this every day!!

Good night folks!

Lost in translation

I been really off and I’m sorry for that! But I’m back! Some days is better then others.
Friday we all went for a field trip up to Phang Nga on the main land. Our sweet old friend Bang Lek drove us first to see the temple in a cave and the laying Buddha. And a lot of monkeys! It so peaceful to go in to a temple. My mind find some peace.







After that we took a long tail boat out in the Phang Nga bay and had lunch at Sea Gipsy Village, a village built on water. The nature is so spectacular that I could sit in that boat for hours, just enjoying the view.







It was a day that filled up the energy to the top! A note to myself, go more often!!
Saturday we spend the morning at the beach, swimming with Aina and just relaxed. Beautiful day with a blue sky and warm water. Yes, I did actually dip myself! But not for long, it was some small jelly-things around my legs, so in and out it was.


Today it’s Sunday and cleaning day. But not all day! Had a date with the sweeties lady in town and we started with a drink (non alcohol of course), watching a colorful sunset at Vanilla Sky Bar at Cape Sienna. Ending with dinner at the same place.




From being really down earlier this week, to be back again, is a crazy journey. When your body says No, it’s time to look around and do something about it.

Love to you all!


It was nice to go out for my morning walk early this morning. See the sun raise behind the mountains. So refreshing!

Otherwise my day has been running around doing a lot of small errands.

Stopped by Brett and Party to check out the time that I’m taking them to the airport on Friday. Worst time ever!! At 5.30 am I need to be by their house. Why? They are moving!! To Cambodia! Gonna miss them so f..king much. But I know that this is something that Brett has been planning for a while now. But still, they have become really close friends. If I look at it from the bright site, I’m going to Cambodia for my next holiday, or so!

Tomorrow I’m having a long meeting with a friend to see what we can do together. It might be interesting. Also gonna need to plan a trip to Bangkok soon… Ideas are floating our of my head tonight.

Sweet dreams!


Green fingers?

Not me! The only things that a growing in my garden is trees and bushes that don’t need any help, and the grass.
Started my morning with cleaning up in my garden after JJ’s nightly marathon of digging. And cleaning the house. Just normal boring stuff.
The day didn’t get any more exciting then that. Oh, forgot that we went down for dinner at the Festival. Last night and then we have to wait one more year again.

Let’s see what tomorrow will bring…

Yummy life.

Mmmmmm… strawberry sprinkled with chocolate. One part of my brunch today….

Alicia and I went with dad, Monica, Aina, Synne, Kaj, Lasse, Karin and Kristina, to Twin Palms for their famous Sunday Brunch.
Here we are.

Ate a lot of delicious food! Melted Rackette cheese, Parma ham, pasta and a whole lot more. I’m not a fan of sea food, but if you are, they had a lot of it too. Best part was dessert!! Fresh strawberries and raspberries dipped in the chocolate fondu.






Not only did we have great company by the table, I also ran into three dear friends, Per from Skippers in Karon, Kent from Coconutgarden and lovely Miss Jessi! That is a lady I miss a lot!!

Today was a yummy day of life. More days like this is now on my bucket list!

And the good day didn’t stop with this! Dad’s knee is now stitched up!!






Peace and love!