To much…

Trying to sort things out, and just got hit in the head that it’s a lot to sort out! But need to start in some end and that’s what I’m gonna do these last days of the year, beginning with buying a bed to our extra room so my dad and Monica will have something to sleep in while they are here. It’s just 10 days left, then I’m going to the airport to pick them up!! It’s gonna be so nice to have them here for 2 months!

Oh, forgot to tell you all about our trip to Bangkok! We had two super great days! Shopping in China Town, Platunam, Siam Paragon and Terminal 21. Got to see Andrea, who came up early Thursday morning from Pattaya. God I’ve missed her! Soon she will be back home for Christmas, so that’s okey.







When we came home we found a surprise from my sweet mom! A package filled with gifts from Sweden!


Sunday was 1st advent and because we live in the sun, we Christmas decorating the house this day! Jack really loves the Christmas tree. And Andrea joined us on Skype.




Sent my first test unit in make up artist in yesterday and this morning I got it back with the grade A+. So happy!!! Now I’m practicing natural make up all day plus a lot more that I’m having to get tested on.

Time for bed! Tomorrow will be a long day out!
I can hear the thunder coming closer and I sleep really good during that, so Good Night everyone out there!


Sun, sun and more sun.

The sun has been shining on us almost everyday. Raindrops has been falling from the sky in the afternoons or during the night. It’s been so pleasant to take school books and work stuff in a bag and sitting by the beach and work.

Alicia is soon finish with her next set of test. She has her deadline on Monday and she’s gonna make it.
I have been working on getting some social media planing done, mixed with my studies. My first set of test in both makeup and fashion is done, and waiting to be sent in. Cross your fingers that I’ll pass!

It’s not so many days left for our trip to Bangkok!!! Tuesday night we will be sitting on the bus that will take us there. Yes, bus! We like the bus. It’s like adventure. On Thursday morning we will be hugging Andrea, who’s coming from Pattaya over the day to Bangkok. It’s gonna be so nice to see her. Next time we will se her will be to Christmas, and that’s to long!

I really need these day away from Kamala! I’m really so tired of all the small town stuff. Need to be anonymous for a few days, just be me. Last night was one of the bad ones and I hate those days.




Running to fast!

My days are running away way too fast for me to catch up! But I’m having a lot of fun on the way doing it!

Started to ready the first unit of the MakeUp artist course. I can tell you that it is a lot to learn! But interesting things that I didn’t know about at all! Some tips and tricks will come, I promise!

Alicia got her grades from her last test back, and I had a very happy and proud girl next to me. Only top scores in all subjects! Good girl!!
This is our study view!

Amanda has started to paint in our extra two rooms this week. It’s gonna look amazing when she’s done!
The two doggies are getting a long a lot better now. (Thank god!)


Now it’s time for bed, early again! Early morning work is up for both me and Alicia. I’m gonna shoot behind scenes and some other stuff is up to.
We are also starting our countdown to Bangkok! 12 days….

Oops… that was a lot if rabble.

// Maria

Back to school!

For the last few weeks I been up and down, one day on top of the world, the other day I hit the rock bottom.

On of the good days we meet good old friends for dinner, dinner with the amount of 32 people eating delicious Italian food at La Carbonara! Best food in town!


During my days taking it one day in the time, I been search around the web for some courses and last weekend I signed my self up for QC Career School. So I’m back to school again. But I’m really looking forward to it, and my girls has pushed me to go for it! Today my books and tools arrived!!

Yes, books and tools! I have signed up for Make Up Artist and Fashion Styler!!!


And it’s Friday, which means Friday Market. So Alicia and I went down to by some make up and brushes that I can use when I’m practicing, which I’m gonna need to do a lot. So for 2,870 Thb ($87 or 650 skr) I bought all of this. I just love our make up store at the market, she is always giving us good prices when we buy at her!



I know what I’m gonna do this weekend! What are you up to?

// Maria

Day 5 and 6… Final days!

After a whole week of “holiday”, it was time for our last days. This time we where on the northeast part of the island. The view we had all day was spectacular! But so hot!! No shadow, not so many clouds and a lot of moving around, made us sweat like crazy.
Had so much fun with Alicia, Amanda, Aina, Synne and Kai!




Meet so many nice people, both Thai and Swedish. Gonna miss them, but hope that our roads soon will cross again. Wish all of them good luck!




A BIG special thanks to HÃ¥kan, Saga, Kjell, Kjell, Mats och Ewa, for this fun adventure! Thank you!

// Maria

Day 4, part 1 and 2…

Yesterday it was time again to start our day early. The sun shine on us all and we had a great time, all dressed up. Aren’t we looking nice?
Music, beautiful flowers and nice people wasn’t a bad start of the day!


Me, Alicia and Aina went for a nice lunch at Boat Laguna before it was time for part 2 of our day. Beach day! Beautiful Layan Beach was our next stop.


At the end of the day the sky started to be more and more grey, and a few rain drops fell on us before we where done for the day.
While we where out on the roads, we decided to stop at Rico’s for dinner. I had Plankstek! So good! So after another great day, we where all pretty tired and went home and set our steps to our beds! Slept like princess all night!
Woke up early this sunny Saturday and went out on an early morning walk around the village. Need to do that more often. Afternoon I spent with Jack on the beach. He’s a joy to see playing around in the sand.
This evening I been trying to catch up on all the webinars I missed during the week. Yepp, they are needed! So much good content to take in that my head is spinning like crazy right now. Think it’s time for some movies.

See you later!!
// Maria